3D render tools for architectural visualizations

Every new development needs a 3D rendering created to be able to give potential buyers an idea of what their new home will look like.  However, given a set of 2D plans and elevations, most people are unable to visualize what a building will look like in 3D, let alone see what is may look like with various colour schemes.


If you cannot visualize floor plans in 3D, you are not the only one.

If you cannot  see what you home will look like by looking at a set of 2D plans and elevations,  don’t fret as most people have a hard time visualizing a set of 2D floor plans in  3D. A 3D image on the other hand , allows you to see exactly what you home will look like upon being built.

2D floor plans and elevations


2D floor plans, only part of the picture



2D elevations cannot tell the whole story


A basic 3D render from a 2D/3D CAD program leaves a lot to be desired in terms of selling a finished development. While useful as a basic tool, these 3D images do not capture the imagination of the viewer and are no substitute for a well executed and professionally crafted 3D render.


Aquaviva 3D basic render

A basic 3D render out of a CAD program


External 3D render

The client wanted a front on street view dusk image showing a bit of activity on the balconies and common areas. After locking off the camera with the client’s preferred position, I added 3D people, cars and vegetation. The client was also undecided on what type of surface finishings to put on the building especially the stone work. I was able to provide  a number of renders with a variety of different stone finishes and surface colours. This simple exercise saving the client considerable funds and providing peace of mind that the finished product with achieve the look they desired.


Wire frame screen grab prior to the final render

The final render was imported into Photoshop where the background sky was added and subtle color grading was performed.


3D render ready for delivery

Internal 3D render

The client also asked me to create a 3D render of the internal of one of the units so buyers could get an visual idea of a typical unit layout showing the kitchen/lounge/dining arrangement as well as the outdoor living areas. This is something that is possible with a 2D floor plan, however a 3D image is just that and has the ability to convey the space in a 3D way.





3D render Portfolio

For more 3D architectural renders, have a look at my portfolio page

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