How a 3D rendering service helped Cairns  based Circa 2000

One of the benefits of using a 3D rendering service  is its ability to function as a design and visualization tool  to refine the look of a home before construction. I recently worked with Cairns based Circa2000 to bring to life a new home that is part of the Banyula Project.


3D renderings, ideal tools for building design

I was able to generate some quick draft renders to enable the architect to look at design issues in 3D and to address the types of surface finishing available. A large number of different surface finishes where looked at with two possible combinations shown below.

3d rendering service

3D render for Circa2000. Looking at matrix cladding on certain sections of the house.


3d rendering service

3D render for Circa2000. Looking at wooden material on certain sections of the house.


3D renderings service, helping in the design stage

A wireframe image from the 3D rendering software showing the side of the home and corresponding living areas. There was an option to create a 3D rendering of this area to highlight the lifestyle, however the architect decided to get a 2D floor plan created instead.


3d rendering service


The front of the home in wireframe view prior to  the stage of generating the 3D rendering. A number of wireframe images where created and sent to the architect to help him decide on the best possible camera angle.


3d rendering service

The final 3D render shown below incorporates 3D people and 3D trees and will be an accurate representation of what the architect intends  the house to look like upon final construction. This particular architect has used my 3d rendering service for many years.

3d rendering service


2D floor plans

The architect opted for a simple floor plan to compliments the 3D render without text and dimensions and choose the furniture style and the colour scheme.


3d rendering service


3D render Portfolio

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