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Boost Your Real Estate Marketing with Aerial Photography

How aerial drone photography helps Brisbane real estate agents sell more homes

Aerial drone photography for use in real estate marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors of unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV’s today and through the combination of drones and ground based photography, agents can create a more compelling profile of the home or property for sale.

Today’s drones can shoot a combination of high resolution photography and 4K video and are making elevated real estate imagery much more accessible  to estate agents plus offer the added benefit of faster turnaround times.    

Drone technology offers tremendous opportunities  for real estate agents as more and more property  buyers are looking online to find their next homes, making eye catching aerial property photographs and video all the more important

Real estate businesses that adopt the technology and use drone photography and video in their marketing arsenal can demonstrate they are innovative, on the cutting edge and able to deliver the best possible results for their clients.

Drone photography is especially useful for interstate and overseas buyers where the size of a property is easily captured as well as the proximity to local amenities such as public transport, parks and shopping centres.

In addition , the use of drones is far cheaper and simpler to plan and operate compared to the next best alternative, the helicopter and can fly closer to properties to get better quality images with a higher level of detail.

Aerial drone photography – a little height goes a long way

Sometime all that is need to improve a building’s appearance in a photograph is a change  in perspective by capturing the image from an elevated height, a function that drones are well suited to. Up to 30m is the ideal height to shoot most properties hero shots (depending  on the property in question and the drone’s camera specifications), any higher and photographs start to lose important detail.  

The drone at ground level.

Raising the drone to 4.6 metres above the ground improves, however too much road is visible.

The drone at 6.6 metres improves the image composition.

The drone at 8.3 metres

Boost Your Real Estate Marketing with Aerial Photography

Using aerial drone photography offers a whole new way to show off properties and is especially ideal for large properties such as commercial industrial estate that may not photograph as well from the ground  

Aerial drone photography ideal for showcasing the scale of extensive tracts of land planned for development and large commercial & industrial estates such as these ones situated in Brookwater

Drone use in Gold Coast real estate development

Mozam was asked buy a local Gold Coast builder to acquire aerial images depicting the views available from each balcony level of a proposed apartment development scheduled at Carrara. By using a drone, we where able to capture aerial images  indicating the views at 2m, 5m, 8m, 12m, 14m and 17m. 

Drone skills in aerial photography

Being able to pilot a drone safely and take high-quality aerial photographs at the same time while considering heights, angles, composition and lighting is a skill that takes time to develop and master.

Its crucial for real estate agents and property owner’s to err on the side of caution when getting real estate photographs taken. Operating a drone safely and professionally is not as simple as it seems and flying experience is essential especially in the unlikely event of a drone malfunction.

Whether drones are the next step in real estate sales or even the shaping up to be the new evolution in real estate marketing, it’s undeniable drone are here to stay. While the technology is definitely helpful in selling and marketing new property listings, it’s just one option and should be used to augment the more traditional ground based real estate photography  and coloured floor plans