How 3D visualization & artist impression services are used to help people understand new home designs


I was asked by Cairns based architect David Quigly of Circa2000 Architects  to create a 3D visualization or artist impression of an entrance for a new set of homes being built in Cairns. The entrance was to have a a set of feature sculptures and he was undecided as to the best one to incorporate. He sent me a photograph of the entrance and asked if I could add a variety of sculptures, realistic landscaping, a new bridge and some people. Circa2000 were  able to use  my services  to go through a number of different entrance designs, landscape and  and colour changes until they found one they liked.  The end result, a clear and concise  image that will enable buyers to get a clear idea of what the entrance to the new estate will look like.


Step 1. Photograph

Banyula Entrance site photograph

Banyula Entrance site photograph


Step 2. Create the 3D assets

This is a wire frame image of what the 3D assets look like prior to the final image being rendered or created by the 3D software. A variety of 3D trees were added including palms, cycads, and Eucalyptus. This artist impression was rendered out at 4928 by 3264 pixels and took approximately 6 hours.

Banyula Entrance wireframe

The wire frame view of the 3D assets


Step 3. Photoshop

Here is a combination of the final render was superimposed on top of the original photograph. A small amount of colour grading was done to match the render to the original image.

The artist impression will be used for on site signage, in brochure print material and online  web site marketing.

3D visualization artist impressions Banyula homes

3D rendering Banyula home development

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