Photomontage for Eko Architects Brisbane

Mozam was asked to create a 3D photomontage for Eko Architects of Brisbane to highlight how a new building planned for construction would look after completion.

A photomontages is ideal if there is development that requires planning permission or cannot be adequately  represented as a purely computer generated image.  To create a photomontage we can camera match the 3D model representing the proposed  new development into an existing site photograph to portray a more photorealistic image.

To create photomontages a 3D computer model of the building is constructed and rather than placed into an artificial environment, the model can be superimposed into a photograph of the proposed site to make a photo-realistic visualization.

Making a note of the time and location of the camera, the angle and lighting of the photograph can be replicated within the 3D environment. The computer images and real photography elements can then be blended together providing a more photo-realistic visualization of the project once finished.

Brisbane 3D Photomontage

Step 1

First we started with the photograph of the proposed development.

Brisbane 3D Photomontage


Step 2

Then we created the 3D model and match the 3D camera’s position and focal length to that of the real world world camera

Brisbane 3D Photomontage


Step 3

Once the lighting in 3D matched that of the real world, we were able to render out a final image and merge the two images together  to create the final image ready for delivery.


Brisbane 3D Photomontage


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