Architectural render  – Pavilion


How can architectural render services help visualize a new development? I was asked to come up an architectural render or artist impression of a pavilion to be built on Keswick Island. The purpose of the 3D render was to showcase the lifestyle the island offered and to gather interest for possible investors.  Starting with floor plans and elevations, I created a model in 3D including adding people and multiple tree types to simulate the dense trees on the island.


2D floor plan used to create the architectural render

architectural render

Keswick Island Floor Plan




3D assets  used to create the architectural render

A difficult request from the client was to provide a backdrop depicting a lush tropical island with heavily forested trees, a particular appeal of the island. Thousands of 3D trees were added to the scene represented by small crosses on the distant hills. The tree geometry replaced by  a cross in order to maximize view port display speed. The client was able to use my 3D rendering services to look at a number of design issues as well as looking at different colour schemes and material uses.


architectural render

3D assets used to create architectural render

Architectural render of the pavilion

The final render was coloured graded in Photoshop and delivered to a very happy client.

Keswick Pavillion_Final small


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