3D artist impressions, an ideal way to sell a new development

A client asked me to produce a number of 3D artist impressions, otherwise called  3D renders for a new housing development in Mackay, North Queensland. The latest image that I  produced consisted of a street view encompassing a range of houses to be built.


3D renders, ideal for urban development projects

The proximity of the development to the beach prompted the image to include elements such as tropical vegetation, boats and surf boards. The client was also interested to make the development look  “lived in” so a number of 3D people where added.



3D renders to help sell homes

3D perspectives and floor plans for a specific number of houses where also create to be used for print and web based marketing. This 3D artist impression of the front of the house shows the style of one of the homes to be built. The client was able to choose from a number of possible colour schemes they had in mind  prior to construction, one of the invaluable benefits of 3D rendering. In addition, the client was able to see if they preferred a glass balustrade or railing, deciding on the latter.


Front view 3D render of new home


3D renders help to sell the lifestyle

The client was also  interested in selling the lifestyle that the home had to offer and asked for an additional  3D artist impression to show off some additional  features . A rear 3D render was created with an emphasis on the pool and the main entertaining area.  A number of design changes and colour combinations were made to get the perfect product for the client a design task perfectly suited to 3D rendering.


The rear of the home showing the lifestyle offered


2D floor plans

Part of the brief was to create a set of floor plans that would enable buyers to see the layout of the house and how all the living spaces connected together. As part of the design process, the client chose the type of furniture and overall colour.


2D floor plans, ideal to see the home’s layout



3D render Portfolio

For more 3D artist impression and 3D renders, have a look at my portfolio page.

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